The Mariam Project

Mariam at Peckham Image copyright Jamie Smith
Mariam at Peckham
Image copyright Jamie Smith

The Tragedy of Mariam – Elizabeth Cary

Part of Royal Holloway’s Mariam Project

Directed by Rebecca McCutcheon

First performance – St John’s Church, Burford, June 2013 as part of the Burford Festival

Subsequent performance – Peckham, August 2013

Two site specific explorations of The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Carey.

Mariam at Burford Image copyright Jamie Smith

Sound design includes fragments of text from the script to create atmospheres in the spaces, focussing on the use of conflict between the female characters in the play.

To Diana’s Earthly Deputess

Text taken from Elizabeth Carey’s introduction to the Tragedy of Mariam

Burford – S,Mz 1, Mz 2, Mz 3, Bari

Peckham  – S, Mz 1, Mz 2, A 1, A 2

Choral music created using text by the playwright to bring actors, in different parts of the space together.  Inspired by the church setting of the Burford performance and translated to the gallery space in Peckham to explore the harmony and contrast with the spaces.

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