Lucy is a composer and sound designer specialising in interactive sound. She focuses on the use of new technology and electronics and through this she creates immersive soundscapes, interactive sound installations and sound and music for theatre. She has a PhD in composition from Royal Holloway, University of London, where she investigated audience engagement and how audience roles change in interactive sound installations through three interactive installations.

She likes to build spaces where people can play with and experience sound in a different way, making them collaborators in the work being presented. She works with electronics and gaming technology to build new, creative spaces for my music. She makes sure to keep an eye out for developments in technology that can help push her ideas further and give her more tools to work with.

In her solo work Lucy creates interactive sound installations where audiences can play with electronic soundscapes. Recent works include an interactive blanket fort complete with a musical hopscotch, made with conductive paint, and motion sensitive sound created using gaming controllers. Within her soundscapes she works with found sound that is manipulated within software systems to create new sonic possibilities, building on the legacy of composers such as Delia Derbyshire and Trevor Wishart.

Within collaborative work Lucy creates sound for immersive and interactive theatre productions, including creating interactive embroidery for a National Trust production, a touch-sensitive bookcase for a piece about libraries and reading and sound and music for a critically acclaimed production of Elizabeth Inchbald’s The Massacre in Peckham (‘Til We Meet in England, 2017). She works to build strong, collaborative relationships with designers and directors and through this works to investigate new ideas and ways to embed interaction into productions.

Her current research is investigating how games audio techniques can be applied to interactive and immersive theatre and how to guide audience members through applied sound. This work is being developed through new sound installations and theatre productions and has been presented nationally and internationally.

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