It’s Show Week!

Well it snuck up on me a bit but it’s show week! Cue panic etc.

From my point of view the majority of work is done before the performance and then I have to step back and let it happen.

The days before are spent doing final edits to audio, running through and double checking live sound with performers and teching like the wind.

In today’s tech bag is:
Trusted laptop
Audio interface
Xbox Kinect
iPod Dock
Surface speakers
Multiple MP3 players
Many many XLR cables
A plethora of batteries
Gaffer tape


After the tech and during the performances I’ll be keeping a general eye (or more accurately ear) on the overall balance of sound, making sure they’re cued on time and doing a spot of conducting (an extremely rare occurrence).
I’ll be posting audio from the show soon and vining and tweeting throughout the rehearsal and tech process from @laharrisonmusic

Soundtracking this week’s teching will be ‘Where You Stand’ – Travis’ fantastic seventh album

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